Mystery Messages
Available on app store and google play

What’s in it?
- 15 photo-realistic scenarios that will confound you. 12 of these, free.
- A million different mystery messages to make.
- Enchanting classical music to wrap around you.
- 3 thrilling stages and a printable 12-page wall calendar to download along with other in-app purchases.

Be prepared.
This is addictive.

Mystery Messages


Mystery Messages is a combination of hidden object, puzzle and word game styles

Mystery Messages gets you into the shoes of an old-time villain, who uses notes to threaten his victims. In order to hide the handwriting, these notes of terror are made of words cut from newspapers and magazines.

In this game, in each stage, you are given a note, and shown a scenario with cut up words strewn across a table. While the clock ticks away, you need to find the words and complete the note. Along the way, collect stars hidden in the stages. If the going gets tough, use your stash of stars to buy useful tools. Use a handy hint to reveal a word instantly. If you need more time, use a freeze time tool to add 15 seconds. To get more stars, share the game on Facebook with friends. Or just purchase a pack from the safe.

There are 15 stages with increasingly challenging scenarios. The first 12 stages are completely free, with nothing locked. Get access to the last 3 mind-boggling stages and an exclusive Mystery Messages printable wall calendar with 12 pages, with a $1 in-app purchase. Play the game again and again, with thousands of mystery messages to solve and make.


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